Helping you detect metals and other also valuable things


Hello. My name is Mike, and I am addicted to treasure hunting. My grandfather first introduced me to treasure hunting as a young man walking along the North Shore of Lake Superior. It was a passion that he shared with me as a young man, and my interest in it has grown ever since.

As we would walk up and down the banks of Lake Superior, my grandfather would tell me stories of French warships that vanished without a trace on Lake Superior. You can imagine how the images of these mighty lost ships full of historical artifacts and treasures filled my mind with wonder.

As metal detectors and prospectors technology increased, it became possible to detect small grains of gold, and this has only added to the rush of adrenaline that I feel whether I am using my metal detector in the park, walking down the beach, or in an abandoned field.

As a teenager, some of my friends probably thought I was a little weird spending so much of my time walking around with a headset and a metal detector. But I never cared. It was and still is a hobby that I love.

Gone are the days when metal detecting was thought of as an old man’s hobby. I see young people and old people alike, and entire families, now prospecting with their metal detector. It is a fun way to get out, get some exercise, do a little digging, and learn more about your country’s heritage.

There are very few things that are as exciting to me as the anticipation of what is under the coil as it beeps. It could be a bottle cap, it could be a coin, it could be a belt buckle, or it could be the next big treasure discovery.

I love the quiet and tranquility that comes with metal detecting. When I’m out, I’m not thinking about all of my everyday worries or stresses. I’m in a world of my own, and for me that peace is worth more than any treasure I have ever discovered.