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Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Review

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The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is an excellent all-round product for treasure hunters with a range of experience. As a manufacturer, Garrett is known for producing quality products that provide both value for money, and functionality, and the Ace250 is no different.

With electronic pinpointing, a continuous coin depth indicator, interchangeable search coils and simple one-touch operation, it is easy to see why customers of the Ace 250 offer nothing but praise for the metal detector.

So, let’s find out a little more about its key-features and specs, as well as what type of relic hunter these products would be best suited to.

Electronic Pinpointing

Using electronic pinpoint mode allows users of the Ace250 to locate targets with more accuracy, allowing them to recover it with greater speeds than possible with other metal detectors in the price range. Using segments on the upper scale of the LCD, the user can use electronic pinpointing to determine if the object is directly beneath the coil or not.

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector


Pinpointing targets will save you effort on digs, since you will be able to locate the target without having to dig too far around it, which could save you anywhere between hours and minutes.

Depth Indicator

Determining the depth of your target with accuracy is important for cutting your digging times down substantially. With the Garret Ace 250, you can determine depths of 2”, 4”, 6” and 8+” which could make the difference between blindly digging a trench around the object you have discovered, or a 6” hole; essentially cutting down time and effort of recovering your digs substantially.

5 Different Search Modes

With 5 plus electronic pinpointing, the Ace250 can provide users with a range of different search modes, each configured to get the best results when looking for treasures made from specific materials, or when searching under unique conditions or terrain. These search modes can also be customized by the user to tailor the way the metal detector is used, depending on their hunting style.

These modes include ‘all metals’, jewelry, customized application, relics, coins and pinpoint mode. This makes the Ace 250 an extremely versatile product, that can be used in many different ways depending on how you hunt for relics.

Features and Specs

  • The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector comes with an adjustable length arm that can be toggled between 42”-51” in length. This allows for comfort and utility across users with varying body types.
  • The Ace 250 comes equipped with 6.5”x9” PROformance standard Search coil which is ideal for lightweight mobility and easily conducted pinpointing.
  • The Ace 250 operates on the 6.5kHz frequency
  • The Ace 250 features 8x sensitivity or depth adjustments, allowing you to locate relics and discriminate finds with remarkable accuracy.
  • 5x plus Pinpoint search modes allow you to customize the Ace250 depending on what you are hunting for. These modes include all-metals, jewelry, custom, relics, coins and pinpoint mode.
  • The Ace 250 features accept/reject discrimination that allows you to modify the discrimination patterns of the metal detector for more specific finds.
  • 3 Audio tone ID levels make it easy to distinguish between signals with crisp, audible tones as well as display with an expanded target ID legend.
  • The Ace 250 comes at a total weight of 2.7lbs, making it a fairly light-weight product in comparison to other detectors, which allows for better comfort and extended time when hunting.

What Customers are Saying

Overall, the Ace 250 has enjoyed an incredibly good rap from its consumers, being praised in particular for an easy to follow numerical readout, an upgraded frequency with less interference from electronic sources, extreme reliability and toughness and the ability to pick up on relics that other detectors have missed.

Garrett Ace 250


Although it is quite tough, it isn’t particularly weather-resistant, which means it is best used away from water. While the coil itself is water-proof, extended use in harsh conditions will lead to damages. It is also a little uncomfortable for some users, due to the odd proportions of the harness, but for the most part these small complaints can go unnoticed by most users.

Still, if you are a serious relic hunter, you will find yourself getting much better, and more accurate finds with the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector, and the price range also puts it way above many other products with similar functionality.

I would recommend this product for anyone who prizes reliability and accuracy in their metal detectors, especially in terms of material discrimination and depth location. Whether you’re fairly new to treasure hunting, or consider yourself a veteran, it will suit you very well.

Who should buy this product

The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector will appeal to a wide number of treasure hunters with varying skill levels and needs. Firstly, it is cost-effective, and comes in at a much better price than most other detectors in the range, which makes it affordable for hunters of all budgets and skill-levels.

It is also very straightforward and easy to use, with clearly distinguishable tones, which makes it ideal for hunters between intermediate and novice skill levels. Those with exceptionally large areas to cover will also appreciate the detectors pin-pointing functionality, which allows finds to be made with more accuracy and in less time.

Who shouldn’t buy this product

Brand-new hunters, and people who are relatively unfit might have a little trouble with the weight of the device, especially on long hunts. While the Ace250 is still fairly lightweight, 2.7lbs can take its toll on the untrained hunter’s back muscles, causing possible injuries and essentially limiting the time you can operate it for. Because of this, it might not be the best solution for absolute beginners.

Garrett Ace 250 Detector


Those who are looking for a detector that can accompany them through wet or harsh terrain might also find that the Ace250 doesn’t provide quite as much durability as you might need, in which case a stronger, more weather resistant option might suit you far better.

Commonly asked Questions

What depths can the Ace250 detect materials at?

  • The Ace250 is able to detect objects that are buried up to 12” down.

Is the Ace250 water and weather resistant?

  • It is, but only to a degree. The coil is water resistant; however, the rest of the detector isn’t, making its application to wet terrains limited.


As far as all-round and widely functional metal detectors go, the Garrett Ace 250 is an exceptional product that provides accuracy, excellent functionality, ease and comfort as well as many customizable approaches to its operation which depends on the preferences of the user.

All of this above-class functionality and quality also comes at an incredibly reasonable price when compared to products in the same range.

Since it is remarkably easy to operate, it is also well suited to hunters of just about all skill levels, with those who are new to the activity finding it easy enough to keep their interest growing, while those with plenty of experience will appreciate its quality functionality and reliability.